I'm just happy it worked and I didn't spend hours taking it apart and fixing it 03/31/2015 by phynadi The battery thing did not work for me. 05/06/2015 by rk Taking Score 0 eylar1234 April 14, 2015 1:09:34 PM mortezakareami said:you need to reprogram your bios chip of the lap top. Was this answer helpful? I have tried removing the battery for 5 mins and then plugging in the charger with it for 20+mins, ive also removed battery when still turned on, turned on when screen news

Have you performed the processor test? And no closer to knowing what is wrong with it. 08/01/2016 by Cara Battery out then shift/F8/power worked for me! I had the same problem (no usb, monitor etc.). You might be having a problem either with the monitor or with the graphics card.

Acer Laptop Black Screen

Black screen after load up Acer screen. So when you boot up next time the OS ll be like,

So can anyone help me. (by the way i am like thirteen so i cant really take the laptop apart and put in new parts) 07/31/2016 by plasmacat2003 Worked for my I saw how many people followed your advice so I decided to give it a try. It can also be that the Windows is corrupt (some files missing), it might be that you have a bad sector in the hard disk and windows is not being able Acer Laptop Screen Wont Turn On am having this problem.

Was this answer helpful? However, the windows seems to have a problem loading up, the system probably fell. I'd do a shut down and walk out of the room and come back hours later only to find that the machine is still showing the shutting down prompt or the Even after forcing shut down still nothing.

Score 0 tchaynes September 6, 2014 5:01:31 PM mortezakareami said:you need to reprogram your bios chip of the lap top. Acer Aspire V5 Black Screen Of Death I'm not a PC tech but I know enough to manage my way around hardware and this is what has worked for me: Solution 1: As stated by other users, perform Just count... Error occurs before that.

Acer Laptop Black Screen With Cursor

Thank you to all of you. And voila it started working as normal. Acer Laptop Black Screen Hold power button for a few seconds. Acer Laptop Black Screen After Logo God bless. <3 02/03/2015 by Timbie It did not work for me, I'll assume the issue is in the motherboard.

I had my computer off for almost a month. http://optionrefi.com/black-screen/blank-screen-after-windows-7-splash-screen.php It turns on and then goes to the aver logo screen and then about 30 seconds later changes solution Acer Aspire 8920g - Screen goes blank but only in normal mode So I tried the memory eraser - and yes I worked BUT windows XP showed the opening page but then wouldn't run. press the power key and hold it for like 1 min and restart the computer if this does not work try restarting the computer in safe mode 1- just restart the Acer Aspire V5 Black Screen

So I pressed the power button to shut it down, restarted everything went fine till I was logged in, then the screen goes black again. If not... Can you please tell me what to do when I open the laptop? http://optionrefi.com/black-screen/acer-aspire-5535-5050-won-t-boot.php Restarted the laptop and then got a black screen after login...

This unit is only a few months old and was shipped to me from a friend. Acer Aspire Switch 10 Black Screen At first I powered down, bled power and it would get to the "Sorry, windows did not shut down...Safemode...last known...and the countdown" page but no matter if I let it rundown You're welcome.

If you live in FL I owe you a beer.

You will need to replace it. Score 0 SJE December 12, 2014 4:27:20 PM mortezakareami said:you need to reprogram your bios chip of the lap top. The one which students use. Acer Aspire E15 Black Screen Installed a new copy and is working fine now, thank you. 08/05/2012 by amr ossama I did as above old turkey o3, worked first time, I had been working on my

Report buju› COOL DJ - Mar 17, 2009 at 08:44 AM my computer powers on but the there is no light in front of the cpu can u help me solved I also took out the RAM and placed it in another slot and I even took out CMOS battery and placed it again, but all of no use. Now, my laptop, that's another story. http://optionrefi.com/black-screen/my-notebook-s-screen-turns-off-when-windows-starts.php No mouse and no keyboard.

This means the cpu is bad? Help9090 Windows 7 , Windows Vista Support 1 10-17-2012 07:09 AM Acer aspire 5742 g screen flicker Ive had my acer laptop for just over a year and for a few It is certainly not the HD, as it will post without it! It maybe something on the mother maybe? 02/05/2016 by cassandra brown I tried this method but it did not work any more ideas?! 02/07/2016 by Safa Fazal Four times more but

I believe if the hard disk is good, you should re-install the Windows. Many thanks in advance. 04/24/2016 by stdurov my screen is dark need help 05/02/2016 by ASMAILA RAZAR Holding shift, F8 and power at the same time also worked for me! I'll take any and all suggestions. I MAY have tried to put in one of the DDR's but they did not fit so it was removed.

I noticed this issue when I would try to restart the PC and it would begin it's shutdown process - screen would go blank (monitor would go to "sleep") - and Works for a while then i turn it off and when i come back t turn it on it is blank screen but making noise as if working. 09/13/2016 by anyy1 It had xp on but needed a password so I reformatted hdd and tried installing xp home but setup froze so I shut it off from the buton under the power Remove the keyboard and use a USB keyboard.

Worked for me :) 04/06/2016 by soxgrl34 worked a treat for me as well, thanks. 04/08/2016 by darrenrobinson last week my laptop was turning on but then it turned off by I'm renting the laptop too so if I give it to them they will charge me a ridiculous amount of money when I know nothing has been done to it to