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Random popups and cpu running 50%

CPU cycles high

CPU Usage ALWAYS at 100%!

100% processor usage

100% CPU Usage - Slow Computer

CPU @ 100% All The Time on new xp Install

explorer takes up increasing cpu usage and memory

System suddenly very sluggish and unresponsive with no CPU hogging.

CPU usage jumping around

CPU Usage Bouncing All Over the Place

High CPU usage % (60-100%)

PC slowing down terribly and svchost.exe at 99% CPU usage. Please Help.

o/t cpu usage 100%

CPU usage regularly hits 100%

CPU usage at 100%

Big CPU Lag - Possibly Malware

CPU usage 100% suddenly

How do I lower my CPU usage? My usage is at 100%

Windows Messenger uses 100% cpu

PC very slow - CPU 100%

Very High Cpu Usage + Slow Internet Speeds

100% CPU usage.Need some help really bad. please

CPU Usage way too high

CPU Usage Stuck on 100%

CPU Uses 100%

100% CPU

idel computer shows cpu usage 100%

CPU Usage 100% when running programmes

Desktop doesn't show; services.exe using 99% CPU

cpu usage increased.

High CPU usage

vista word 2007 cpu usage

Excess CPU usage

High CPU usage since a few days.

cpu usage 100% - running super slow

100% use of CPU by Task Manager after every 30sec

Slow computer with CPU usage at 100%

FireFox Hogs CPU

Google links hijacked and CPU usage maxing out

Computer sometimes hangs under 100% CPU load

What is eating my CPU?


internet problems and cpu at 100%

100 % CPU problem with several programs /games

PC sits on 100% CPU. Could i have been highjacked

constant 100% CPU usage

Windows using 100% CPU usage all the time.

Slow Startup and Program Launch - CPU Usage HIGH

CPU Usage

svchost and tftp cause xp to freeze help me

100% CPU used after I start my computer.

IE 90% CPU Usage

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