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I deleted it and no more spooler hogging my resourses...... there was a print job waiting on one of the other printers. Artanis In my case, it eats almost all of my cpu. Solution: disable print sharing!

Downstrike I had the same problem with spoolsv.exe taking 100% CPU. This is caused when there are still printer jobs in the Windows spool. When not default it is fine. it worked! http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/spoolsv.exe.html

If you don't printing anything, I suggest ending the process. i dont even have any printers or fax connected to my CPU!! My computer was running so slow. All is Well now.

my initial analasys shows that spoolsv.exe is using about 7 meg with no visable print documents or files in the spool folder. There should only be one account of this file in the system32 folder. Then you will be able to delete the stucked jobs. sookme Like Tommy I had the CPU takeover problem, it was because of print jobs on the MICROSOFT OFFICE WRITER, not the standard printer.

antivirus programs can detect and clean this file if it has become infected. The spoolsv.exe file included with Microsoft Windows is not spyware, a trojan, or a virus. Please try the request again. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-performance/spoolsvexe-process-is-running-all-the-time-and/8268f671-51b8-42a3-9ce8-708e9686052d And it keeps to try sending emails.

garyzim I had this file taking up 98% CPU and after running a virus scan i deleted the microsoft image writer and rebooted and now all is completely fine with PC. I'm sure you have a print job stuck somewhere... What does this mean? I have seen the "Mirosoft Image Writer" issue stated above (where the print jobs are waiting in the Microsoft Image Write queue).

when printing usage spikes to 90% or higher. Sau it is part of the OS in normal circumstances, if there are outsatnding print jobs on any device it uses up loads of cpu Rob Had the same issue, Due Run Windows Repair Tool to repair spoolsv.exe related Windows Errors 3. strebor I'm experiencing the same as Johnny.

Working on it It causes alot of problem for something that's quick to dort out when you know what to do Malcolm Gilks running with no problems so far. Shaun Lee Well my norton internet security keeps asking if i want to let it access the internet, i said always allow, then never allow, and it just keeps popping up I havent got MS image writer. Spoolsv.exe is able to monitor applications.

The spooler.exe is a virus, even symantec finds it as a virus. Is there anything else that can be tested? so unless someone more clever than i takes this problem on it seems like a re-install is the solution Back to top Back to Windows XP Home and Professional 0 user(s) I was looking for a solution to fix this problem thinking this to be Trojan.

It seems that it was infectd with some virus or spyware but my anitiviurs & spyware didn't tell me that it was infected. I wonder if there is something I can do to the Adobe software to fix this? If spoolsv.exe is located in the C:\Windows folder, the security rating is 74% dangerous.

The only way that you will know that it is on your computer is with a good spyware program like Xsoftspy.

Regardless of the cause, determining the best solution should be the first action step when noticing any system-related computer errors. My PC has a new lease of life ! But it is also a valid Windows file. B.R.A.S.H.

I looked and I had a print job waiting to be printed. Ken I restarted the print spooler service and CPU dropped back dow to normal. and to make sure scan your computer. Osvaldo Cancel pending print jobs in print spool and you'll get your cpu usage back.

Drel This SHOULD NOT use your CPU if you are not printing, but a worm can "Hijack" this name and it depends on what it is doing, if it only works DON'T DELETE THE FILE W/OUT CHECKING PRINT JOBS FIRST! trobinson my computer is clogging 99% recurses, too eagle It makes a PC slower than Timex2048. Alfred my pc crashed twice then after a microsoft update my pc said that spoolsv.exe had changed and wanted to get on the internet..

System runnin' like ConRail...no wait, that's not a good example... Slow Processing , Impossible to play games or even acces the internet while it's running . I found 4. 2 of them were windows files (SYSTEM 32 and a SERVICE PACK), but the other two were a bit out of the ordinary. Just delete the Image writer itself, you don't really need it at all, Microsoft just loves to waste space.

Go joe. Didn't even know something was stuck in there. I've bought good spyware software to get rid of this problem but it didn't solve the problem. Liisa it is a windows file, not a virus or spyware...

z Here is a BAT file 1st line (net stop spooler) 2nd line (del /q %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.*) 3rd line (net start spooler ) JOE Definitely a virus, use http://housecall.trendmicro.com/housecall/start_corp.asp to scan it PowerPlay I always solve the CPU usage problem by deleting the process in the Task Manager. The downloaded adobe reader turns the spoolsv.exe file off so you don't have a printer any more. Joe In my case this also was using 95% of CPU, just because there was a waiting job for a phantom Image Writer!

Uninstall the driver and you'll be fine. The spoolsv.exe service should only appear in the Task Manager when your printer is running. The spoolsv.exe file is located in the Windows folder, but it is not a Windows core file. Amir Warning: I just found an Executable called spoollv.

To manually remove these print jobs follow the steps below. Bigjeep this process is a normal windows process, but other viruses and malware have the same name, and if you look in windows task manager, it will show that it doesn't