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Easy to carry, transport and store. The xLiMe semantic visual annotator can be...youtube.comXLiMe project · den 21 oktober 2016 · Lei Zhang (KIT) has just got the Best Student Paper Award at ISWC 2016 in Kobe, Japan. Alternatively, 80 grams of Blue Circle X-Lime can be used per 20kg bag of cement as a guide. For more information about the xLiMe project see http://xlime.eu Developers can see the open-source projects in https://github.com/xlime-eu Visa merxLiMe ShowcaseThe xLiMe Showcase web app lets you explore the various types of

Vol-1556,Februar,2016(Details) ↑ top miscLei Zhang,Michael Färber,Andreas Thalhammer,Aditya Mogadala,Achim Rettinger Exploiting Knowledge Bases for Multilingual and Cross-lingual Semantic Annotation and Search2nd Place in the Semantic Web Challenge (SWC), the 14th International Semantic Non-toxic. This Friday we are presenting our achievements at the European Commission in Luxembourg. PREFIX xlime: PREFIX dcterms: PREFIX xsd: select count(?media) as ?count ?entity where { ?s xlime:hasAnnotation ?a. ?s dcterms:source ?media. ?s dcterms:created ?date. ?a xlime:hasEntity ?entity.


State Availability NSW, ACT Product Range Handyman Product Application / Use Lime, AEA replacement in mortars, AEA replacement in renders, Additive for mortars, Additive for renders, Cement Rendering, Air Entraining Agent Learn more   quick facts Project Period: 01 Nov 2013 - 31 Oct 2016 Programme: European Commission - FP7. Along with mentions of entities, Event Registry also stores time-series information about other data types, such as stock prices of companies, trading volumes, exchange rates, etc.

Involved Persons Achim Rettinger, Lei Zhang, Anja Hess, Rudi Studer, Andreas Thalhammer, Aditya Mogadala, Steffen Thoma, Maria Maleshkova Information from: 1 November 2013 until: 31 Oktober 2016 Funding: EUPredecessing Project: XLike Safer and easier to use Non-toxic. PREFIX xlime: PREFIX dcterms: PREFIX xsd: select ?media ?date where { ?s xlime:hasAnnotation ?a . ?s dcterms:source ?media . ?s dcterms:created ?date . ?a xlime:hasEntity dbpedia:Greece . ?s Achim Rettinger (KIT) gave a talk for the IBM Global University Programs ...

Using approximately 80gms of Blue Circle X-Lime per 20kg bag of normal GP, Builders, or Off White Cement will enhance mortars and provide performance improvements suggested by Australian Standard 3700 Masonry Slime extracting machine-readable knowledge (entities, sentiment, events and opinions) from multilingual, multimedia and social media content and integrate it with cross-lingual, cross-media knowledge bases, 2. Visit the 'live' version of the showcase at http://expertsystemlab.com/xlime-showcase/ ... see here of the 12th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC'15),pages:337-352,Springer,Mai,2015(Details)Andreas Thalhammer,Steffen Stadtmüller SUMMA: A Common API for Linked Data Entity Summaries InCimiano, Philipp and Frasincar, Flavius and Houben, Geert-Jan and Schwabe, Daniel,Engineering the

xLiMeAboutActivitiesResourcesDemonstratorsDeliverablesPublications xLiMe About Activities Resources Demonstrators Deliverables Publications _logo-big                     Latest Activities Final Review has just begun at the European Commission in Luxembourg One 2kg pail can be used with 25 x 20kg bags of cement. MSDS Product Sheet Melbourne Head Office - Warehousing & Distribution Centre. 750 Lorimer Street. PREFIX xlime: PREFIX dcterms: PREFIX xsd: select distinct ?media ?politician where { ?s xlime:hasAnnotation ?a . ?s dcterms:source ?media . ?s dcterms:language "en" . ?a xlime:hasEntity ?politician .


Yield 10 kg of Blue Circle X-Lime replaces 1000 kg of hydrated lime. this page Less. Xline By doing this in near real-time we will provide a continuously updated and comprehensive view on knowledge diffusion across media, e.g., from European communities like Catalonia to worldwide content in English. Dehumidifying and repairing plaster Waterproofing of plastered walls Technical sheets X-LIME (English) Download X-LIME (Française) Download Photogallery Product applications View Related case history You may also be interested in...

BCSC X-Lime replaces the need to use Hydrated Lime (Plaster Lime), air entraining agents, water retention additives and clay in cement based mortars. X Lime improves mortar and render workability X Lime adds strength to motor and renders. The xLiMe semantic visual annotator allows you to follow your favourite brand or to monitor a topic of interest both on social network or TV mainstream. Proceedings,pages:547-550,Springer International Publishing,Lecture Notes in Computer Science,9671,Cham,Juni,2016(Details)Andreas Thalhammer,Nelia Lasierra,Achim Rettinger LinkSUM: Using Link Analysis to Summarize Entity Data InBozzon, Alessandro and Cudré-Mauroux, Philippe and Pautasso, Cesare,Web Engineering, 16th International Conference, ICWE

PREFIX xlime: PREFIX dcterms: PREFIX xsd: select count(distinct ?media) as ?count ?entity where { ?s xlime:hasAnnotation ?a . ?s dcterms:source ?media . ?s dcterms:created ?date . ?a xlime:hasEntity FILTER (?date > "2014-12-01"^^xsd:date && ?date < now()). The two applications are combined on the client side through the "Internationalization Tag Set 2.0" W3C recommendation and lightweight jQuery-based interfaces. Goal   xLiMe is a research project dedicated to fusing the knowledge from different dimensions of media content.

Dr. Philipp Tiedt (VICO) is at Social Media User Conference on 20th of October in Cologne, Germany ... Tools and methods developed in xLiMe will be applied in three complementary case studies and evaluated by several business clients and up to 10mio end users .

KIT Department of Economics and Management Division II – Informatics, Economics, and Society Shortcuts Theses Contact Verein AIK Intern XLiMe/en Aus Aifbportal Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche crossLingual crossMedia knowledge extraction Contact:

We pride ourselves on always bringing our customers the best on time and in full! Related information Documents and PublicationsxLiMe Publishable Summary after Year 1XLime Publishable Summary Y2xLiMe facsheet Open Access Coordinator KARLSRUHER INSTITUT FUER TECHNOLOGIEGermanyEU contribution: EUR 782 885KIT-Campus Sued, Institute AIFB, Building 11.40 1276131 For more information download the products technical data document or product information sheet by clicking on the link button below. Exploiting Knowledge Bases for Entity-based Cross-lingual Information Retrieval The 25th ACM International on Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM),ACM,Oktober,2016(Details)Lei Zhang,Michael Färber,Achim Rettinger xLiD-Lexica: Cross-lingual Linked Data Lexica Proceedings of the

AVAILABLE IN 4kg bags. Events 2017-04-059th Conference Professional Knowledge Management (WM2017) 2017-03-31Prof. Non-caustic. We will1.\taugment more than 250 TV channels in different languages with up-to-date information from social media and news in near real-time,2.\tmonitor brands and the diffusion of opinions across languages and media,

Both clay bricks and masonry blocks absorb water from mortars, effectively causing the mortar to prematurely dry where it interfaces with the brick/block, thus reducing the bond strength. Generated Tue, 17 Jan 2017 05:51:01 GMT by s_wx1077 (squid/3.5.23) Studer and Prof.