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Cleaned up but still infected(log inside)

Wireless LAN connection issue

Computer not performing at max

malware not leaving my sys!

Trying to clean my bros PC now. NEED HELP

ESET threats

Setting up LAN networking PROBLEM

Can't get rid of XP-Guard

?need XP - cant run this old cd-rom

Always Perform This Ation Disable?

Computer is slow and appears to have a virus. Please Help!

Hotmail account spoofing of emails


shortcuts don't open on full page

Problem adding new email account to client

Help me get rid of this Trojan Popup Virus!

Issues with Computer after virus infection.

My computer is messing up

Head Phone sound lost

How to extract .res files?which software needed?

Help with restore

Friends computer jacked up

Need Help removing a 2nd OS startup installer

viruses and infected objects found.

My Laptop Won't Type Help I don't want to lose it!

How to swap one drive (boot) for another.

Several Spyware Warnings

Need instructions on how to completely remove second Windows 7 from secondary HDD

Google search redirect

New.Net infection

i need help and very frustrated:(

Help with xp restore virus removal

Big problem with popups!

Slow computer. Please check for malware

Can't install wireless pc card

Virus on my Vista

Hoping for help with pop-ups

Videos + Games lagging.

Think computer may have a virus

Blocking email use in Outlook

How can I re-install Vista from my recovery partition?

slow video streaming

Administrator options

can't re-install XP follwing virus infection

Help with an infected Computer

Printing with Windows 7

Possible Keylogger threat on my cpu

Outlook user misidentified

I want to remove old MSN Messenger. Is this correct?

Audio feedback help.

XP partition on Vista

Please do help me with my PC slowness + fps drop.

cannot change xp administrator account password

Computer speed problems - Possible Malware issue?

Disable graphic cards

How to get rid of "dumprep" from MSCONFIG ?

help with adware/virus infestation

HDD partition died

Ugly background and other stuff

Access files on hard drive with broken OS?

Apple broke my clean Windows or was it me?

new hdd with copy and paste

Broswer Redirect - on a Mac!

How to Set up a Docklet for Removable Device for RocketDock?

AV Security had taken over my laptop help!

Activation code issue

a lot of pop-ups

System compromised.trojan? should I reload?

My computer is infected please help

My computer is messed up

help with virus removal

Help with IE restarting

malware problem

Scan programs quit

How do you reformat your laptop?

Two threats found

DDS report good or bad?

How to get a ScanDisk/CheckDisk Log in XP?

Sketchy Bootup and Weird Issues

PLEASE HELP. I don't know what kind of spyware I have in my computer

Laptop to Monitor

Need help ridding notebook of malware.

Laptop has 2 problems

How do I find a virus

Unable to boot computer with Trojan Virus on XP

display is disabled

Burn Windows 7 using 2 CD's

I would like to add another Partition ?

HP Pavilion DVD burner virus

I got a used winxp pro pc; want to remove network & security settings

Left ear headphone sound gone


How to Make CD Open Automatically

How to get back the original web-site without 'Switch User?'

Reformatting without OS disc

Random IE Popups - Constant!

Laptop has died completely. Help please!

Checking Computer Logs

minahezo.dll removal

Fully Infected PC :S

Malware?! Seekmo popping up!

Cannot shutdown computer or open anti-spyware

Question about moving files from one hd to another

Smart Security Browser Hijacker

Registering Reg files via batch files under Vista with UAC on possible somehow?

Logged on as administrator?

My computer will not wake from hibernation

Keylogger issue

deleting columns from excel

DSL speed is lower than it should be/Roommates speed is fine

Something is slowly destroying my files can anyone help please?

Spyware and viruses slowing computer (completed all five steps)

Alphabetising File Folders in Explorer "Favorites"

Gaining access to certain Websites!

Help! I got a Trojan Virus I believe and need some help.

bios is missing virtualization technology (vt) option what should i do?

Friend may have virus on laptop

Installing Windows Office 2000 onto Windows XP OS

My web page keeps going to different web page

runnng 2 browsers

superjaun-constant pop-ups

set up controller

2 Windows Installs on 1 Partition!?

using cc cleaner

burning cd's

HELP! most annoying malware/virus EVER !

Malware/trojan help

Cleanup after XP SP2 was infected

Win 8 user/multiple popup ads

closing tab

2 Versions of Windows help.

Can't remove Virus

Terrorized by Pop-ups and TIB

Virus/malware infection

I had a malware issue and had it resolved but

Deleting password protected folder

How to set diffrent times/dates for diffrent users accounts in XP

How To format and reinstall Windows

Constant pop-ups virtumonde?

How to remove [email protected]

Can't Get Past Password

Extra Admin Account!?

Folder/FIle Sharing

reformatting xp

Viewing a friends PC data. How to?

Installing new operating system?

Blocking A Specific Website

i got a trojan tahts changing my desktop and i cant get rid of it

Automatic Updates Disabled/Constant Pop-ups/Slow PC

PC Infected with Virus!

how to setup date to be shown on print page?

Browser Hijacker Keeps On Coming Back. Help!

workbar keeps disappearing

Slow PC and massive Pop-ups need help!

Outlook 2010 and redirects

Need help with putting two computers on one modem

File Download Help

want one large C:\ drive ?

Spy in my machine

Windows XP DEcryption Issue

Problems reinstalling OS.

severe problems with main PC

Restoring original computer defaults

Help with Midi USB to Pc Connection

Saving web pages or text documents on an SD Card

New folder.exe being created in all the folders and subfolders

Two OS in one computer

Slideshow on separate screen question

Changing File Extensions

I think there's Maleware on this 2k machine

BSOD with high network traffic (I think)

Spyware Popups on clean install

need help with installing drivers

Via4in1 Driver Version _ How to determine?

up dating Ram

Advertisements popups on my desktop

Help on suspected malware

how to prevent deletion of shared files

Enabling usb2.0 in firewall settings

firewall blocking

Help! I think my PC has a virus

Google Redirecting to Ebay and other sites

deleting old os

connect laptop to pc

Restoring to Manufacturere defaults

Can't get rid of pop-up ads

Constant pop-ups/ads while browsing?

pc wont boot back up

popup & browser issues/frequent errors/various trojans idenified but unable to clean

Please Help XLIME!

Continual pop-ups

virus detected and can't get rid of it

DLL Error!

Advice please before selling PC

Some Links redirected

Consant pop ups

Is there anti-virus/anti-spyware that resumes if computer turns off?

cleaning cache for computer to run quicker

Had ro reinstall windows: MANY Trojans

Limited User account troubles

IE7 not working;very slow computer w/popups

Laptop crashed

How to skip updates?

Yahoo and Google redirect

Possible Spyware Affecting Connection to Server

OS completely wiped out

How to put security on a computer so Employees can't 'surf' the Net for pers

Need help with reinstall.

Windows Update Not Working! Missing dlls?


ghosting hard disk

HELP! XP has crashed

Random Internet Ads

ad.oinsomething pop ups

Connecting to a wireless network with an hp pavilion dv9000

how to get the system back after formating.

Partition Magic 8.0 - Partition merging question

scanned document saved in computer language

Back To Vista

Trojan that can't be deleted

programs are missing in add remove software

PC has suddenly slowed down - no other obvious signs of malware

With only a month left before launch

Sound Files - Cannot Change Tag Data

How to reboot from a USB flash

can I switch the operating systems?

Wireless Problem in Xp

Double OS problem

constant popups!

HELP! I cant stop the popups!

the desktop taskbar has control on my desktop - how to remove it?

Help burn movie to disk

Hijacked-Please help me remove this

How to turn off certificate warning

start->run missing

Computer acting foggy

Accessing HTTP service on a Win XP system on the same LAN

Internet redirects to unwanted sites/also very slow

Lots of fake anti-virus pop-ups in IE

Connecting a laptop to internet using a phone line

PC Restarts from Router?

folder access in xp

trouble reformatting pc

Antivirus 2009 Can't Get Rid of it. HijackThis Wont Run.

How to get rid of backdoor.graybird trojan on vista?

Do I have spyware?

Help with Torpig trojan

2 versions of windows 7 on boot up

Adware problem

Boot Up Menu Shifted

Hotmail Blocking Specific Email

Possible malware

Keylogger/Other Viruses?

No admin password

Running Safe Mode // Suspected Malware Issue

How to change or select which program starts when you double-click a folder in window

trouble with xp port blocking

i messed up my comp really bad

I Keep Getting Constant Pop-Ups and Ads

Need Urgent Assistance! How Do You Delete Dead Accounts From Windows Xp?!

File Corruption

Share Fonts Folder Over Home Network

The photo(.jpg) size changed by Paint

Desktop Virus issues

Looking for Defrag in all the wrong places!

Sound Splitting Question

How to block the downloads by other users

Microsoft OS Licensing Info - How do you know?

deleting video

Deleting Icons off "My Computer" toolbar

Trying to Avoid a headache

iPod and iTunes

vires on my computer

please help computer showing signs of viruses

It's undeletable?

gmail mistakenly put on restricted sites list ie 8

Serious computer problem after format

Got hijacked by some search stealer

Programs restart fixed but still infected?

Need help getting rid of a virus

Adware on my XP computer problem analyzed per instructions

How do I get rid of this virus

Issues with Trojans

Still having possilbe malware problem

error with a .dll?

Comp messed up

How To Add Places To Cortana In Windows 10

My Dell Laptop is either infected or a P.O.S

How to connect to a wireless broadband?

Malware's Gone

How do i block a website

WiFi Network Problem

virus problem

Need Assistance with Cleaning Computer

run 2 computers ing tandem

Slow streaming

bad virus problem

unremovable virus!

font colours in Explorer

Programme Accidently Uninstalled

Need help with malware and viruses

computer infected with safeie

Help with Partitioning!

Need help cleaning up computer and deleting surfsidekick 2

My computer background won't stretch or center

I have torjans and kaspersky didn't remove them ! help

Windows Vista Home Premium infected with virus

Is my PC infected

I need some serious help removing an "old" Downloader Trojan

I can't get rid of these Pop-Ups

How can I tell which USB ports are what speed?

Virus/malware/network issues(possibly caused by malware)

Installing windows 7 on a new PC via USB.

Fraps using w7/ Playing Worldofwarcraft

Restart after update

Everyone knows the start>run msconfig command

Search hijack and popups issue

Really Nasty Malware

Free space on my Hard disk

How to get back to XP

Really slow internet and ads popping up every 10-15 mins

Redirected google searches

Can't get rid of XADS pop ups

Please help me! Searchmiracle.AdDownloader spyware can't get rid of it!

Got many viruses need help

unable to restore from external "freeagent" backup drive

Recover deleted mails

How fix dll problem

Computer is virus infected

Add-Ons Disabled

lock the folder without software

how to get rid of w32.alcra.b

Help.! Hyper terminal

Vista Hard Disk Partition

how do i connect to modem

Lost Installing XP

Installing Windows7 with SLI

Help with infected computer?

Burning an windows xp disk

Replacing Windows system files

Malware problem affecting entire comp!

Looking for a addon that blocks words from displaying certain content

Can I get rid of Messenger all together?

Format Error - Please help!

help infected with malware :(

Strange Pop-ups

How to remove Mal_Otorun1 from Vista

How we can make a large file small

Windows Vista Install Uninstall Issues

I'm sure it's infected

Two windows folders due to error on install - can i delete one?

How to disable certain items in Windows XP

Extreme FPS/Lag problems after updating from WinXP to Windows 7

Virus / Malware Problem

how to format 500 Gig HD in XP

Motherboard died

Windows File Sharing Netwoek

Conect to internet

wich am im booting from?

Annoying malware

Recovering media from a dvd

Bluetooth Devise

drivers i dont want

autorun.inf virus

Deleting LocalMLS files in XP

possible malware infection in MCE2002

Building new computer

Small breaks in connection

Trojan-cookies tracker-blue screen

Backup Software & External Drive

How to stop Hotmail accessing mail from other people's accounts

I think I have Malware on my laptop.

friend needs help

Getting pop-ups

Computer showing 2 operation systems and an upgrade

IE Favorites Centre opens and closes by itself

Suspect a keylogger

Formating a notebook from an external dvd/cd drive!

Need help computer is slow and internet is slow

Crazy Nasty Trojan Virus

Restoring Windows to original

Please Help with Various Virus/Malware Problems

Questions about 8.1 and installing an SSD

Program Deleted

edit posts

Help Removing Infections

How to remove wdmfmc32.dll.

Acer Netbook Windows 7 Password Reset

Using TV and LCD monitor as dual monitors?

hard drives corrupted

Removing OS's and Upgrading

Computer keeps downloading data

Can't use my webcam

I THINK I may have the "hello" virus

How to deal with temp file in window 7?

IIS not installed or disabled?

Finds spyware but can't get rid of it.

Google redirects and popups


Suspect Malware Interdns.exe/MicerDNS - Need Help Cleaning

How to startup in XP without XP CD?

how to remove mail.ru completely from firefox 9

how to remove sp3

I need help removing this spyware.

Need Help Reformatting Vista

[RESOLVED] Reset cmos?

Can't get rid of pop ups.

Nero SmartStart DVD Burning

how to get rid of https


Copied Files

How to hide a folder completely?

How to fix Intenet Explorer Problems and Adsense

help quickly

Need driver help

Having trouble removing virus

Some Probs - Antivir-Prog blocks - LOG

How to Change User Name?

network password?

Merge C $ D Drive In Vista Without Dataloss

Slow PC Filled With Spyware/Adware/Malware

DVD & CD Rom's are disabled

How to install Multiple Operating Systems on one hard drive

Please Guys

Printing remotely

Pop-up virus/Internet issue

DLL issues

Virus & spyware problem

Suspected key logger

Change Start Menu Position?

Cant Remove a Virus

HOW TO: make a bootable CD

New system needs OS Help

RAM on windows xp

chkdsk in Vista

Change of SCreen Background Colour

really need help with a virus that seems to have moved from one pc to another

How to reinstall Win XP Home and preserve program files and user data?

All Programs are "encountering a problem"

Computer + Antivirus Infected

Please Help - How Do I Save my Comp From this Cheezy Virus?

Unable to remove few dlls

nasty programs running on my sytem please help

Virus hiding on my pc

How to assign the combination "Alt + 4" to the "Home" key?

loading programme via CD

2 Os's?

maleware problem

turn of computer box appears unprompted

how to connect ear phones

Spyware Detected!

Video streaming buffer.

I think my PC may have malware on it

How to allow disk access to a winxp pc?

Two Operating systems at boot up

Virus ridden/Sluggish computer

Help! Bombarded with Popup ads

Not real sure about infection?

Merge Outlook Contacts of different users

I'm pretty sure I have a keylogger - help please!

Virus infected my laptop

how to upload file to server in bada os version1.1

removing programs from computer

how do i delete my OS?

My ongoing problem - annoying popups

Need help with very stubborn spyware

Lost wireless connection

Spyware problem pc-on-internet

Malware problems.

IE 8 how to get rid of this toolbar ?

Computer works for 2 weeks off fresh format

xp network set up question

Need with popup virus

Malware Defense Virus Still Lurking

PC Seriously Infected.

Back Up PC Using External Hard Drive

SEND link by email

Help with Annoying pup-ups

how to remove 3gp files

How does my log look?

Change icons on desktop

computer infected with malware

Sirious Problem Please Help! Virus/spyware/maleware/adaware/trojan.

Problem with locked account. help plz

Xadso.offer Pop-ups

(anyone?) HJT log and pop up hell after total restore

Help! Spyware in my system

To get connected with a printer in a network

Need help removing keyloggers

can't remove popups

Hell pop up hell! Possible virus or spyware infection

Your computer and all your files has been locked

HELP!Slow computer and Random Popups.

Tenga.a on my NAS box

My parents computer has a problem

how to remove backdoor.nuclear

Need help with DVD-RW

Help spyware / adware woes

Malware / Virus Help Needed

Problems with Malware.Please Help.

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