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How can I provide best content experience to my subscribers?

lots of pop-up and freezing

PC Health Garbage

Vista 'choose program to open with'

Application data transfer

Malware Popup Help!

how to access blocjed senders

Help a dumb girl out

Someone check this out please - CiD popups and possibly much much more

vista to xp on acer x1200

How do I access folder made private after user that made the folder privateis deleted

Possible deep PC malware infection

Suspected Virus/Malware/Trojan Attack!

headphone issues

what is affecting my type speed?

Can't get the pop-ups that I want!

Infection on XP computer

Software doesn't seed properly

Cannot boot -corrupted file?

A mess with ads and popups

Help Please Computer Slow / Trojan Infected

rootkit ODG trojan found - ESET cannot clean

please help! XP has some kind of spyware/keylogger

Bad overclock and now can't load windows 7

Help With Stop Error - Upgraded Motherboard

Help me please dll error !

Adobe Acrobat 7 search function.

How to remove Vista from dual-boot

popups gone but spyware won't go away

How to Access the BIOS?

windows 8.1 refresh

[resolved] MSN Messenger signing out

resetting sounds default

Problems with computer after virus

Installing 2 Xp Operating Systems

connect even if this network is not broadcasting is not available for me

Help me disinfect a brand new computer

Infected Computer :(

Creating system icons

cant remove malware.only starts on debugging mode

Something's using up all of my bandwidth!

help with partitioning vista /xp

Internal Network/file sharing

popups /malware?

Window trojan can't removed

Only want you to check my laptop

Help needed. very annoying malware.

Please help with Malware

Please Help- my vista is infected!

Major Problem - Can anyone solve this?

cannot uninstall pcctlcom

Photoshop Installation Help(not sure where this goes)

Here are my results after using the self help malware removal


Still have malware

Help Mass e mail Virus

Installing WinXP on a laptop after deleting Linux FC4

Old files have become Encrypted

How to delete gnja.exe ?

i want too burn music need some help

remove a virus

Cant delete folder titled like this ë!h═MÆ╤Ä.╤yΓ

Adware/Spyware problems - Red X icon for C drive - Multiple viruses already removed b

Popup ads served by Internet Software - how to get rid of

Virus Affecting Permissions

2 IExplore.exe everytime

Connect Multiple Pcs To 1

Backing up Password Protected Folder when XP Won't Boot

Hijack notepad file

installing Vista 64 on a blank HD

Shutdown follows turnon

PC turns on slow/Various spyware detected

Help me with Homegroup please!

Multiple viruses on PC?

Coworkers laptop HJT Scan

How to Enable Disable USB in Win XP

Can't back up to my E: drive anymore

What kind of virus do I have and how can I get rid of it?

blue file names

Cannot install XP

Downloads and Streaming stoping after moments

Pop-Up Virus

Can you please help me clean a friend's computer? Log file attached.

Spyware/Computer issues

Security Toolbar 7.1 wont go away

Help with repair-install & accessing previous files/folders/programs

malware or computer problem

Laptop dead? .

Removing win7 boot menu?

Installing a clean version of Vista using a USB flash drive?

Change IE8 to IE7

Having problems with malware

please help with ms outlook

deleted programs

seems i may have the same pop infection as others

User's Documents file slipped out of place!

reformatting? reimaging?

PC infected with spywares

Bootable CD/DVD from ather ISO files

Spyware on my PC help with Combofix Log

keep pc from going idle

Backing up Folders Using Copy

Put a virus/spy-ware on boss' wife's computer

Help With Blocked Zip Files

Restore feature on HD

Pdf not resizing

Videos from older games won't play on XP? Any help?

Can't get to backed up data after XP Repair

Misaligned desktop

2 Hard Disk & 2 Operating System .

Slow internet and slow streaming! help!

Trouble backing up HDD

Cleaning Laptop

Help with popup issue

Open in NOTEPAD file misalloctions

Uninstall Win 7 on second HDD

iTunes - numbers appearing in comments box

How to remove this from my pc "You Maybe Victim of Software Counterfeiting?"

run faster with win XP

help! please !computer acting crazy after fixin exporer

Format only C drive and retain data on other partitions

Removing a parallel Windows XP install

How to Install Drivers to your computer ?

Installing OS

Help me get a bios or boot menu back!

Spyware disabling AdAware

Burning large programs

remove win virus without beeing able to boot win

Undetected Virus/Malware?

At startup

file crises! need help from a PC genius!

Disable key functions

My computer is full of virus

BHO? Advertising popups and homepage changes

BIG spyware

sp3 uninstall help needed or should I give up?

How to get rid of Kazaa trojan dialer.8.u

Closing popups closes browser?

i need help with my laptop

Need help with security of my PC

Changing Resolution

Virtumonde.sci wont go away :(

wireless password

How Do I turn my network secure?

Non-stop Internet Explorer Pop-Ups

Networking two Win 7 laptops to a new Win 10 Laptop

Need help backing up things

How to remove Mal-otorun1?

Locked out of C drive

Will reinstalling windows clear a virus?

How do I make .4xx files work?

Inv sible trojan file

Norton detected something but can't remove it!

How to share files between Mac Win 7 and Ubuntu Linux?

installing windows XP without formating the whole hard disk

hidden zip files

Blocking individual websites.

Help needed - 2 annoying iexplore.exe tasks.

i tunes file advice please

File recovery only recovers shortcuts

ADW Websearch

virus redirects google

several spyware programs

Please Help! AntiVirus Program Can't Detect SKYNET Virus

Malware causing massive slowdown

Burning cds how to get text

help w/ computer -> tv visual and audio

Desktop Screen & Icons Have is All Changed Around Out of the Blue

help! virus/malware problem

oursurfing problems and popups in opera and others

RAM Installation

Please help me remove this malware/threat

Interesting yet possibly simple internet problem.

Disable Network Sharing Options

I got a scratched XP disc and need some replacement files

Self deleted history?

All my programs wants to start with WinRAR

Problem when I go to sleep under seven

Help Virus/ Malware attack on my laptop.

Need help removing malware/system boot up issues

how can i back up my CP?


Computer slowww.please help

How Do I Downgrade From Vista To XP With An XP Disc?

first steps spyware removal issues

Please check to be sure virus was completely removed

How can I make a folder accessible for all users?

Suspected Spyware or Malware

My dad's computer is having problems

Stubborn malware in HP2000 laptop

A possible DLL problem

ping through specific IP address (Vista)

Add a button for an installed add-on to toolbar

Need help my computer gets error report.

can't open downloads

Still infected after running Anti-Malware.

Installing Windows

IE 5.5 not allowing FTP

Help with undeletable virus/file

how to uninstall linspire

Help I Have Adware And Cant Get Rid Of It

I have viruses

how to resolve line1 error

Malwarebytes did not remove System Tool malware

Change name

HELP| Serious Virus Problem

Yo dogg my computer is all messed up and what not help me fix

Transfering back up files from a disc

Reformating vista help

Computer #2

Laaagy PC

Malware removal confirmation.

Retieving files from XP to Vista

Is it a good idea to power down all network PC's?

Popup Malware

POP-UP virus having problems removing

Reinstalling Whole Computer

All icons highlighted.

Cant seem to get rid of this virus

Partitioning my Hardrive in Vista

Virus suspected in my Sluggish System

how to insall xp using asus eee pc 2g surf?

Can I install a different bios ?

Switching to windows 7

AH.THIS IS BAD! (Anti-Virus 2009)

pc secure system

Please help? I would like to retrieve info from.

Cant get rid of pesky trojan/virus/hijack

Just cleam your OS

Losts of Virus's I cant get rid of Deep Trouble


help unlocking windows

How to improve computer speed

Nasty infeciton- disables every antivirus program even in safe mode

Delete Messup

deleted logfile and now cant visit certian sites

Tons of pop-ups

How to delete logs in Mcafee security suite

Yandex is hijacking my google chrome

Constant email spam

Google Redirect for my Mac

Trying to connect to network directory

broken icons on guest and limited user accounts

Factory Restore Acer AM3100

A trojan has hidden all of my folders

Rootkit Help plz

Malware/Spyware/Virus Issues. Need Help. (Logs attached)

rootkit suspected

How to Delete [B]Very[/B] Stubborn Files ?

Need to get rid of malware!

Unremovable Trojan Causing Many Problems

Radom redirecting when clicking on links

Please help with virus?

Huge Outlook Express Folder tree

Disabling antivirus program before online scan

removing parts of a program

Virus/Malware Problem hiding icons

Need Help with New PC and Windows Please

Can't get rid of malware.

Various viruses deleted

Can not install or remove any program from Windows xp pro

Please help (connecting router)

BIOS Hack?

spyware attachments

Nasty Pop-Ups!

Malware- popups

how record myself

Can't Roll Back[moved from video cards]

installing modem

How to delete second Vista partion

Something causing Internet Issues.

Insert an image into a website message form

Malware suspected to be causing strange problems

infected memory

Help with upgrading ram size

Thinking of reformatting XP

Getting rid of an image created by Clone CD

Merging C: and D: Partitions

WIN XP Laptop sceen size question

Before reformatting 2GB RAM afterwards 512MB?

Clock resetting

Mayware help also Start Up

Installing OS while partitioning?

Virus hid all my files

iTunes only opens after opening cd drive? [FROM:Mac]

Going to reformat if my computer keeps this up! HELP!

Parts of pages missing and spyware scans won't scan anymore.

PC is lagging when playing online content

I need help removing spyware and adware from my computer

deploy.jar ok or not?

Several Malware Troubles

pop-ups and constant running processes

Cannot access properties in "local area connection properties" window

I have nasty spyware: followup

wireless configuration

have i got a virus/ spyware?

Page not found has adware

Popup problems

my gateway laptop won't hibernate :(

just checking for spyware

E-mail images received in JPEG.#'s & letters

Creating an executable program CD

Think I have a keylogger. Please help

Suspected virus: cannot retrieve hidden folder/files view

my brandnew laptop might be infected

how to remove cyber crime moneypak

resetting comuter

Help . Thousands of outboing emails are being scanned .

Recover Internet Favorites After Fomatting

How to change harddrive into mac format in windows 7?

Spyware and possible virus problem.

Malware problem on laptop

Removing Service Pack 3


help with minidumps please!

vostro 1520 dell laptop no wireless connection on vista

Not fully uninstalled

Keeping data on seperate HD during XP reinstall

Pop-ups when starting IE or firefox

Deleting registry keys from secondary HDD using primary HDD

I need some help on how to use TeamViewer

Windows vista removal

Higly Infected System

How To Get More On My Computers Base Score.

Got Malaware

I believe i have malaware on my comp

how to remove iworm_attck_v122_2a?

New to this website

Trojan killing my laptop

Windows 8 virus

Is there a Key logger or spyware installed in my pc?

help with myguardservices.com malware

I got A virus.

After a few hours of trying

Malware and popping up AD


PC freezing and Virus that won't get removed!

Antivirus mimicking malware on new Windows 7 machine

Areus Mother board cooling fan help

Malware possibly affecting internet speed

laptop hibernating

Installing new programs in chinese

Can't delete Recycler on External Drive

How to set to HE/HC?

Two Floppy Drives in XP

photos damaged during recovery

how do you keep your computer safe from pedifiles?

IE7 only goes to yahoo

got xp want to go back to 98

Toshiba laptop stuck in arabic mode?

Help with virus!

Ad-ware problems

Reinstalling Driver Problems.

crase.exe (5-steps)

Laptop infested with pop-ups


How can I format?

Multiple Spyware or Virus Problems!

Popups and malware. Help needed.

I have a keylogger or a spyware stealing my infos

start up computer

help with "Search for files and folders"

format or merge partitions?

Pop-up problems

Upgraded computer

Hotmail word file to My' Documents'

Popup browser with ads

Just wiped out pc

PC cannot download any files or watch Youtube videos

help/windows 2000/microsoft word 2000

Open Screen Maxinized

I need help i have a virus!

Infected with fake malware anti virus programs which cannot be uninstalled

HELP! searc-h popups are making us crazy!

Access to computer.

Saving a webpage/link?

Help with vlc files

This computer is infected but it seems to work ok

Getting Uninstalled Programs off Autorun list

Reformatted my computer

how to Increase the O/S drive space

potential viral infection

How To Make It On Xp

Possible Computer Infection

Ploblems with Torjan virus

Trying to format School laptop

Have a virus

OS reinstallation?

laptop computer crash.

How to clean "documents and settings"

can i delete xp only but keep my documents?

Upgrade went downgrade.

How can i increase performance on my micro atx pc

Reformatting an old PC w/ XP Pro

I Think my laptop has a virus

Random Update message.

opening a mri disc

Think i have Virus/Trojans/Rootkits again ?

Trojan virus encrypting files?

Run application

My XP.system have been crashed

how to get rid of www.loadingwebsite.com

Problem blocking web sites.

how to delete these malwares - HJT attached

No Boot from Hibernation

Organizing Favorites in IE

looking for viruses

Afaird i might have a keylogger

Need a keylogger removed

Can't Stop Pop-Ups - DSS Doesn't Run

Please help me fix this trojan (?) problem!

Lots of Malware & Viruses infections

How to eradicate 'Spywarestrike' from my computer

LAPTOP TOSHIBA A300 - Reformat Problem

how to install 2nd operating system and another HD

Deleting partition

Fax from MS Outlook

Wireless internet connection problems

Ghost drive O_o

Problem with my Custom Theme for XP

Desktop taken over by malware/virus

Backing up Files

Viruses and spyware.nothing seems to work.

loadingwebsite help

Can't get a clean install of Vista 64 bit on my desktop

Need help cleaning up an infected XP box

Possible malware infection?

i have no drives on my computer.

[resolved]does extraction wizard have changeable settings?

Installing on second HDD

Download to new drive

How to prevent Bluestacks from starting up automatically

Accessing printers via remote laptop (Vista)

Spyware on my PC

Severe hijack problem and Spyware popup and popunder

unable to clean virus and malware

how to boot norton ghost from external usb dvd drive instead of internal dvd drive?

Restart on BitTorrent Download

Possible virus? I need help.

Connecting to Wireless Network

Pc has spyware

Really Bad Virus cannot remove.

partition create

Booting from a DVD

My computer crashed.need help

Virus killed computer - can I get some programs off of it?

Recovered from virus/still may be infected

DSL connection not fully working.

All applications stops in Vista

Firefox appears to be causing internet timeouts?

Problem with streaming videos after laptop wakes up

Outlook Rule with Multiple Address List Exceptions

counterfit warning

delete font collection

Reformatting the Computer

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