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How Does My Log Look?


They say it won't work because lighter stain is in the pores. Generally, these types of stains can be removed with media blasting. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and answers. The logs are ceder and were stained a red/brown color.

Should I be concerned and should I treat them? If you can give us a few pics we would be glad to take a look. Can it be stained over top of? Mold thrives when it finds a moisture source.  This could be because there is an existing leak close to the area in which mold has begun to grow, or because of

How To Use A Wood Burning Stove Properly

The cabin is white pine 17 year old with natural splitting in the wood,would it be good to seal all those View Answer Question: We are in the planning on But there is one side that has some blacks spots on the outside looks like mildew. What would be the best solution to deal with this?

This will help avoid carbon monoxide coming down the chimney and creosotes building up, which can be flammable. EcofiresStoves 37.730 görüntüleme 11:27 How to increase the efficiency of your woodburning stove - Süre: 4:17. View Answer Question: I have a pine wood siding cabin. How To Keep A Log Burner Going The wood has just been stained with a clear coat, therefore our interior has a yellowish/orangish look.

My goal is to make it all as close to matching as possible. Why Does My Log Burner Keep Going Out I think with those changes it will help brighten the "cave". View Answer Question: We have a forty year old cabin near Flagstaff, AZ that has 2 X 8 Ponderosa Pine Log cabin siding.

From a safety point of view, blocked chimneys can also cause deadly carbon monoxide.

Just let us know and, if possible, shoot over a few pics and we will try our best to help. How To Keep A Wood Burner Going Overnight It sounds like the chemicals may have compromised the structure of the topcoat. View Answer Question: Bought a log sided home that was stained and varnished in 2002. View Answer Question: Our log siding is bleeding sap.

Why Does My Log Burner Keep Going Out

We are rebuilding a home we bought last year and I am wanting to put the "tree" in my kitchen at one end of my kitchen island, going from ceiling to this website View Answer Question: We used Sikkens 078 Natural on some interior cedar posts. How To Use A Wood Burning Stove Properly We put two Solatube skylights in our dark kitchen and it is SO bright in the room now. 3 Likes Bookmark July 7, 2014 at 12:57PM Thank you for reporting How To Use Log Burner Vents Dust sticks to the walls,it's terrible!

Undo PRO flair lighting ideas 1 Like Bookmark July 1, 2014 at 10:48AM Thank you for reporting this comment. services Which? JKaren Barnrs September 27, 2016 at 10:43 am - Reply Hi Chris - Have a tongue and grove log cabin in northern Michigan. View Answer Question: I'm putting new white pine hand hewn siding on the inside of my house. Wood Burning Stove Problems And Solutions

It is flaking/chipping. 1. I'm seriously considering doing the exact same style as the log home above. How do I get rid of the charring, sand blasting? Can you tell me the fix for this?

View Answer Question: i am building a log home with pine and the logs has dried over summer, i now have cracks long ways in the logs where they dried How To Keep A Fire Going In A Fireplace One contractor told us not to put anything on the inside so it could breathe. If so should I seal first without chinking so it will have something to adhere to View Answer Question: Gentlemen, I just purchased a 4 year old cedar log home.

Can I have had a delayed reaction?

Thank you for taking my question . Only do as much as you can finish with rinsing to keep the bleach from filming up on the log. We have not found a local cob blasting Co-not many log homes in this area. How To Keep A Fire Going All Night Checked the outside walls - no moisture at all.

The rooms are lighter and not so heavy looking. Smoke is not "exhaust" – itcontains high energy gases that werenot burned. The first bag I bought was dry on top but mouldy and damp further down. These units not only control the temperature in the home, but also the humidity.

Any information would be appreciated. Can I use a steamer on the mold without damaging the logs? It looked bad so brushed sikkens on a few yrs.later ,now peeling.