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Laptop Hacked by Virus - Please help !

something makes my computer run slower

Need help my computer seems like its a mess

my computer is very laggy

Suspect computer is compromised!

Thought I got rid of AV System Pro.

help! my computer is being held hostage by spyware strike!

Need Help My Computer is stuck

My computer has been hijacked by Belasearch whatever that is!

My Computer Icon takes 2-3 mins to open

Is there anything wrong with my computer?

Why has my computer slowed down?

Someone has hacked into my PC and need to know what to do next

Something Is Severely Wrong WIth My Computer

Not sure if my computer is at risk or not.

Uploading alot by itself >:(

Help! My Windows 7 is compromised by malware

Malware calling itself XP PERSONAL DELUXE

My computer Icon

Computers taken over

What's wrong with my computer

My computer has an identity crisis

I've been Hijacked - Am I Clean now?

Possible driver issues causing system to hang

[Any Help Greatly Appreciated]Computer Acting Very Stange

hmmmm My Computer is acting very strange as of lately.

My computer and I need your help.

PC hijacked by various things

Computer problem .Please help me!

Hijacked computer please help

Computer compromised. Many problems. Log attached.

My son's computer has been hijacked. Please help.

My Computer is Possesd?

Not sure what is wrong with computer

My computer's just getting slower and slower :(

Can't Get This Hacker or w/e Out of My PC

help needed with hacked computer

hello anybody can help me in my computer error?

My PC is "Skipping"

Help my coworker's computer is hijacked!

ok my computer is mess up really bad on the internet

My computer has recently gone incredibely slow

My Computer looks.

Nothing is saving on the laptop

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