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Losing wireless connection on startup

Mouse continuously shows loading sign every 5 seconds

Standby issue

Error Message when I Shut Down

Start Menu -> All Programs won't work

Computer Recently Started Lagging

Win7 x64 hangs on boot (last driver amdkmdfd.sys) or lags/BSOD

fixed crashing but now can not log in! ;(

have the Ucleaner bug-5 steps in progress- when shud i decide to reload op system?

Jerky/slow scrolling in xp HELP ME SOLVE PLEASE

Windows 7 HomeGroup Sharing Problems

Freezes Randomly! (BSOD)

window auto-focusing hijinks!

Text Missing in Most programs Windows!

Windows Won't Load Up + BSOD

Constant BSoD; hardware issue? Windows 7 Premium 64bit

windows error-checking

Is there anyway to run a specific program in 16-bit display

[BSOD] driver_irql_not_less_or_equal - Windows 7

slow computer and audio souds as if it's skipping

BSODs of Various Sorts and by Diverse Drivers

vista crackly/laggy sound and video?

Please read my minidump report.

user acount desappear



Folders stop responding in XP SP2 HELP!

Unwanted shut down

Intermitent computer freezes

Users Want Windows 10 to Be Bloatware-Free

Win 7 Upgrade reinstall option - Not enough space error

Network Repair Window doesn't close

IE6 blank screen when loading windows update

High CPU usage and memory usage

cant download sidebar gadgets

spyware on practically new computer

Display Corruption during Bootup - Windows 10

Laptop running slow and being an idiot - help?

computer stuck in contiguos restart loop after update.

Windows 7 file type associations reset on log in

can't turn on windows automatic update?

Screwed up fonts - * VERY annoying

Computer is at a crawl - Please Help

How do i stop windows importing evey photo from a cd card

Problem Installing Windows!

Crazy Startup Vertical Toolber Google Hijacked etc

user accounts will not work correctly.

Temporary hang on startup

problem with my start bar

default actions of drive in "My Computer" windows

Problem when resuming from hibernation

Windows 10 Opinion

I think I'm killing my computer!

Sound skipping problems.

Spyware software & microsoft.com disabled

Vista OEM VS Upgrade

Slow start up after power on!

How to Change My Windows Mail to go to Chrome Webpages?

Reboot/Shutdown Problems; IE Won't Start

UAC popping up again

Ended Process windows explorer and now screen is all black!

Drivers problem

windows update misisng/disappeared

stop folder opening for iPod

Windows default beep problem

windows update won't scan/run . running in services.msc but computer says it isn't.

Windows 10 is last Windows as we know it ? Microsoft to bet on Windows As A Service

Windows reinstall installation keeps repeating

System tray problems

Network adapter issues

Is this a Thundrbird or Windows problem?

Win 7 is crashing after only ONE month

Time out stuck at 1 minute

iTunes 10 download problem

Computer Resets/Freezes For No Apparent Reason

Win7 not booting up properly

Task Manager and Windows Firewall don't work anymore.

Reboot Really Slow

Missing Welcome Screen after logoff .

entries disappeared from "all programs" list

Microsoft Update Installation Problem

How Do You Add A Program To The Window That Pops Up When You Insert An Audio CD?

Exremely long response time after clicking on "Turn Off Computer"

Screen dots/blocks then blacks out on normal startup

Why is my Taskbar on New Win 10 PC not responding!

Windows Installer gone wild on startup

BSOD instantly after turning on from sleep mode

Windows Recovery Fails (Win/Linux Dual Boot)

Tunnel networt adapter problem

Can't start windows after upgraded the OS to windows 7

XP non responsive

Messenger Live problems with webcam

Computer very jerky!

Win 7 x64 install HD issue

Realtek and Nosie Suppression

Unresponsive Taskbar

System sleeps/hibernates after a while?

PLEASE HELP: .exe problem

o programs will run on xp

Windows 10 Technical Preview Caveats in VMs

Downgrade to Windows 7

Windows 10 Activation

hurry please help desktop icon issue

Computer takes ages to shut down!

Blue Screen Every Few Minutes?

Win 10 Email


display issues after installing video drivers

Win10 upgrade license BEFORE upgrading

It?s Time to Criticize Windows 10 While We Still Have a Chance

shut down errors

Need help finding hdd driver.

Lots of IRQL errors and some others too

Computer no longer powers down after Shut Down

Computer Freezes but mouse moves

BSOD: Bugcheck 0x0000007e

win 10 not got go ahead yet

XP Security 2012/Wifi Dropping/Redirecting

Xp acpi.sys bsod

driver problems with network adapter.

Account user problems

Programs will not start

cant uninstal msn

Windows User problems

Laptop displays this screen when inactive

Can't set Automatic update

Help! Multiple laptop problems! Can't update windows

Audio Driver keeps malfunctioning

Boot Options

Planning on Cleaning Out my PC. Can I save some files?

XPSP3: Changed DPI to higher then back to normal

Errors crashing comp!

taskbar prob.

Unable to connect to internet cause of network adapter problem.

windows loading problems

Applying classic view on its own!

Oct 12 update corrupted laptop

Need to Repair Windows 8.1 for Upgrade to W10

Random freezes since hardware upgrade

Recovering from system error too much

High memory usage at startup

Registry Hack?

Can't instal windows 10

my computer stuck at this points

BSOD- 0x1E :(

Vista Blurr

Windows 10 updates to be automatic and mandatory for Home users

Can't Boot After Attempted Disk Check

HOW to get rid of the GREEN startbutton

Should I restore?

Can't get past initial blue screen installation (LOOP)

BSOD's - possible networking or backup software issues

Problem with system registry?

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