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C:\> Appears When I Switch On My Xp/2000 Dual Boot System!


Warnings Backup Your Data! I'm guessing you have an additional line for the XP Pro Setup that you had trouble with it. The output will look similar to the following: Copy Windows Boot Manager -------------------- identifier {bootmgr} device partition=C: description Windows Boot Manager Windows Boot Loader ------------------- identifier {default} device partition=D: path \windows\system32\winload.exe Use WINNT and MAKEBOOT from a non-2K/NT system (such as Win9x). weblink

In Windows XP removing boot choices is as simple as editing a hidden configuration file. i want to remove win 7 which is on c:, but formating c: will erase my xp boot files stored in c:(system) drive.. Built-in Partition Utilities The traditional tool for creating and deleting partitions is FDISK — a command-line utility relic from DOS. Switch OFF anti-viral software (& check in BIOS/CMOS also). 2.

How To Remove Multiple Windows 7 Boot Options

Apple Boot Camp[edit] Main article: Boot Camp (software) Boot Camp allows owners of Intel-based Apple Macintosh computers to install Windows XP,Vista,7,8,and Windows10 on their Macs. All Primaries are counted first. Make sure your system is suitable for running the new OS. 11.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. (Learn how and when to remove these template messages) This article possibly contains original research. Return to top Dual Boot Dual booting has the advantage that you're running both OSs natively (i.e. Windows°XP or Windows°2000 Server is usually installed on a disk partition that is marked Active. Windows 7 Asks Which Operating System To Boot External links[edit] Multiboot Specification Dual, Triple, Quad Boot a Macbook with Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP, and Windows Vista The definitive dual-booting guide: Windows 7, Linux, Vista, XP: with

Mac Parallels allows Mac users to run Windows applications. Remove Os From Boot Menu Windows 7 Win95 boot files (always on C:) 3. A dual-boot will be created. http://thpc.info/dual/repairdualboot.html A clean reinstall, especially for the home user, is normally recommended by THPC (but first save all those setting, etc!).

Now click on the Advanced tab. How To Remove Windows Boot Manager Os Startup Selection Screen It sounds like you've already gotten rid of the installation files by reformatting, so all that's really left is getting rid of your boot choice. Place the lines after the existing similar line(s) in the [operating systems] section, but before the final line of C:\="Microsoft Windows 9x" if it exists. A multi-boot configuration allows a user to use all of this software on one computer.

Remove Os From Boot Menu Windows 7

Make sure it installs as a new installation - not as an upgrade. http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/965/change-default-dual-boot-order-in-xp-2000-or-longhornvista-system/ Windows 9x Least Flexible Windows 9x demands the C: primary partitions) and is a predatory operating system that will try to write data into any drive or partition that it can How To Remove Multiple Windows 7 Boot Options The previous boot configuration reviewed in Step 1 has boot entries for both Windows°XP or Windows°2000 Server and Windows 7. How Do I Remove Boot Choices That I No Longer Want In Windows 7 You will receive a 'System transferred' message when it has copied the boot sector and MS-DOS system files & command.com to the C: drive, thus making C: bootable.

The Windows dialog does not even list the Linux system as a choice for demotion. have a peek at these guys The image below shows an old Windows 98 system with FAT32 and FAT16 partitions: FAT32 C: primary partition and logical partition containing two FAT16 partitions (D: and E:). Son kept moaning why isn't windows working! At least two partitions (one can be Logical - for XP, 2K, NT). 4. Everytime I Boot Up My Computer, It Asks Me To Choose Operating System

Dual Booting Linux You're given the option to retain your existing Windows installation when you install Linux. Look for the File System entry. Mark the new partition as Active. check over here scanners).

Copyright © LarryM 1998-2015 thpc@mail.com Tech-Recipes: A Cookbook Full of Tech Tutorials Tech-Recipes: A Cookbook Full of Tech Tutorials Contact Us About Us Advertise Android Apple Windows Internet Database Programming Apps Choose An Operating System To Start Windows 7 Restore File Attributes (example): Open a DOS Prompt, and type (then press Enter): attrib +r +h +s C:\boot.ini using only the attributes identified and changed earlier. [top of page] Please remember A scsi(m) would be for SCSI controllers without an enabled BIOS but multi(m) is still used if BIOS is enabled. 's' is for a SCSI option and identifies which

Then restore original Attributes to the files on C:.

If you are unsure of what is being discussed, you should consult someone with the necessary experience. Because not all operating systems create partitions the same way, this can make destroy partitions containing other operating systems such as OS/2. Boot Loader menu on boot up. How To Delete One Operating System From Two Operating Systems Changed the options within Windows 7.

Test. Windows 95 Startup Disks do not have CD support (add your CD-ROM driver). When run in Windows it would offer to “fix” partitions in a multi-OS system. this content Unless you need to see and dynamically alter the information on the Windows 7 or XP partition when booting to the Windows 9x installation, I'd use NTFS.

i want to remove linus mint  os from my pc. This is reliable and safe, easy and painless. If the Win95 is selected from the Boot Loader Menu then Bootsect.dos is used - this runs IO.SYS & MSDOS.SYS which load the Win95. Do NOT convert the PC system partition (C:) to NTFS or FAT32. [top of page] PARTITIONS One possible difficulty is that you should have two logical drives (or hard disks).

Note: If rebooting for hardware installation, be sure you select the correct OS! [top of page] DEFAULT BOOT AND BOOT DELAY Specifying the Default OS to Boot, and the Boot Menu Please advise.